M 5.8 - 52km NW of Visokoi Island

By: Gordon Rutherford

M 5.8 - 52km NW of Visokoi Island, 
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
UTC Time = 2019-05-27 23:29:32
Magnitude = 5.8m
Location = 56.314°S 27.680°W
Depth = 120.3 km

Mercury at Lunar Elongation (POSITIVE)
Neptune at Lunar Conjunction (NEGATIVE)

Observational Analysis:
- Event at Volcano, then Resonant Driver at play here
- Lunar Conjunction w/ Neptune
- Mercury Dia-magnetic in Solar Negative Rotating Field
- Mercury and Neptune at Opposite Magnetic Polarities
- Event in BLUE region, normally Neptune driven
- Mercury driving Volcano, but Resonating POSITIVE
- Mercury and Neptune Swapping Regions of Influence


NOAA Geomagnetic Regional Polarity

Rotating Solar Magnetic Field 
- Position of Mercury

NASA JPL Data (Weekly)
- Lunar Resonant Geometries

Epicenter Skyview

Antipodal Locations

Antipodal Skyview

Geocentric View of Event Driver

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