M 6.0 - 141km W of Abepura, Indonesia

By: Gordon Rutherford

M 6.0 - 141km W of Abepura, Indonesia

UTC Time:  2020-01-18 16:38:13
Magnitude:  6.0m
Location:   2.854°S 139.334°E
33.6 km depth

Uranus at Lunar Opposition, REGION SWAP with Saturn, as Saturn at Western Elongation to Uranus DURING Lunar Opposition to Uranus.
(in other words, because Uranus has a geometry with the Moon, IT THEN BRINGS IN Saturn.  -->  COMPLEX MAGNETIC GEOMETRIES

Region Swap = when two drivers are at magnetic opposition to each other, positive to negative, the regions of influence for each driver swap. 

Lunar Resonant Geometries
- Lunar Opposition to Uranus

Combinational Geometries
- Saturn at Western Geocentric Elongation to Uranus

Solar Rotating Magnetic Field
- 336 km/s = Neutral (LOW)