M 6.8 - 149 km WNW of Corral, Chile

 By:  Gordon Rutherford

Analysis based on MAGNETIC Fields and Resonating Factors NOT Line-of-Sight Planetary Alignments


  1. This could also be Region Swapping Between Venus/Moon and Neptune. Either my proposed Magnetic Geometries OR the Venus-Neptune-Moon geometry would yield the MAGNITUDE of a 6.8m. Being that Venus is in a Negative rotating solar magnetic field, Venus at a Lunar geometry Negative, and the Moon being Positive, including Neptune as a Gas Giant, would then have a region of influence swap between RED and BLUE... BUT because there is no Volcano involved, I am shooting for the Saturn/Uranus Geometry

  2. EXTREMELY hard to conduct Driver Determination, when we are at a period where ALL THE JOVIANS exist in one Quadrant, of our Solar System.

  3. Only way to know FOR SURE, would be to conduct a GLOBAL Earthquake Analysis report or to conduct a Volcano Seismogram Analysis, at a Volcano site with an Active Lava Lake, in the RED Region.

  4. SEE THE KILAUEAU VOLCANO SEISMOGRAM ANALYSIS here --> http://www.extendingmilankovitch.com/2020/12/kilauea-volcano-analysis.html


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