M 5.8 - 6km S of Santo Domingo Zanatepec, Mexico

By:  Gordon Rutherford

UTC Time:  2020-01-05 04:40:50

Magnitude: 5.8m
Location: 16.422°N 94.347°W
Depth:  97.2 km

REGION SWAPPING:  Uranus and Saturn
-->  Uranus doesn't hit these areas, magnetically.  Saturn does 
(Based on the Magnetic Tilt of these two Jovians, and the location of the epicenter's magnetic disposition.

Saturn is at Western Elongation to Uranus, and at the same time Uranus is at Lunar Conjunction.  Because Uranus and Saturn are at Lunar Resonance to Mars, this also brings in THROUGH MAGNETIC FIELD SUMMARIZATION, that of Mars and Saturn.  ///Because Uranus and Saturn at Magnetic Opposition to each other, they SWAP REGIONS of influence, and this effect is then amplified by Mars.

So even though Saturn is NOT listed as a daily driver, it is still actually a component of this event, through LUNAR RESONANCE of Incoming Magnetic Fields BASED on the Geocentric Geometries for todays NASA JPL Data download. - Lunar geometry to Uranus brings in Saturn.


  • Uranus at Lunar Conjunction
  • Sun at 120 degrees from the Moon
  • Mars @ 150 degrees, from the Moon

--> Mars is a ROCK BODY, with no magnetic field of it's own, so because of this I have not started computing 120 and 150 degree distances from the ROCK BODIES. Geocentrically speaking concerning Lunar or Combinational Geometries with ROCK BODIES, I only stick, so far, to Opposition, Elongation, and Conjunction. - I will CONSIDER adding to the GEOCENTRIC VIEW lunar geometries, for ROCK BODIES, 120 and 150 degree geometries, from the moon.


  • - Saturn at Western Elongation to Uranus


  • Earthfacing (Mantle/Moon) = Neutral (Time of event)
  • - Mars = Neutral (Time of Event)

Magnetic Disposition

Epicenter Skyview

Antipodal Locations

Antipodal Skyview

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