M 6.9 - 5km NNE of San Pablo, Guatemala

By:  Gordon Rutherford

M 6.9 - 5km NNE of San Pablo, Guatemala
UTC Time = 2017-06-14 07:29:05
Magnitude = 6.9m
Location = 14.982°N   91.988°W 
Depth = 94.0 km

Sun at 120 degrees from the Moon
- Moon Resonating the incoming Neutral/Rotating Solar Magnetic     Field

Epicenter Geomagnetic Disposition
- NOAA displays a Neutral Polarity

Unknown, what the Rotating Solar Magnetic Field polarity is being experienced by Mars or Mercury.  Tool on SolarHam hasn't been updated since 5/30, and the last date available is the 9th.  I could make one, but at this point, being that the geometries influencing are just Lunar and Solar, so I DO NOT need this additional information for diagnosing this particular quake.

Epicenter Skyview

Antipodal Locations

Antipodal Skyview

NOAA Geomagnetic Polarity