USGS EQ Analysis - 09/06/2018

By: Gordon Rutherford

USGS DATA downloaded
DATE 09/06/2018
TIME 23:55:40 UTC

Number of quakes >2.5m 51
Number of ALL QUAKES 359

Highest Magnitude Quake
Depth = 608.59km
Magnitude 7.8m
UTC Time = 15:49:14
Location = 101km ESE of Suva, Fiji
Deepest Quake
Depth = 662.21km
Magnitude = 4.6m
UTC Time = 18:22:24
Location = 155km SE of Suva, Fiji

ALL Quakes ALL Magnitudes
Geographic distribution

(Lunar Resonant Geometries)
Combinational Geometries

Rotating Solar Magnetic Field

Geocentric View

Solar Magnetic Field
(Earth Facing)

USGS >2.5m 
Local Times Summarized
- NASA JPL and Tidal Data

USGS >2.5m
Local Times Summarized 
- To NASA JPL Data

NOAA Geomagnetic Polarity Distribution


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