NASA JPL and Solar Wind Data - Oct 19th, 2017

By:  Gordon Rutherford

Lunar Geometries
New Moon (Sun at Lunar Conjunction)
Mercury at Lunar Conj
Jupiter at Lunar Conj
Uranus at Lunar Opposition
Neptune at Lunar 150 Degrees

Combinational Geometries
- Earth crossing Uranus connected path to the Sun
- Jupiter and Uranus at Geocentric Opposition
- Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury at Geocentric Conjunction
- Saturn at Western Elongation to Neptune
- Sun and Neptune at Heliocentric Opposition

Rotating Solar Magnetic Field
- Mercury (Dia-Magnetic) in the Negative
- Earth(Crust Para-Magnetic) Neutral to Positive
  / Moon (Para-Magnetic) Neutral to Positive
- Mars (Para-Magnetic) in the Negative

Global N. Hemisphere Avg Tide Times

Tidal Heights

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