Celestial Geometries - 06/13/2017

By: Gordon Rutherford
Tuesday, June 13, 2017
12:34:52 UTC

Reports assembled using the NASA JPL Horizons Data, NOAA DSCOVR Real-time Solar Wind Data, Solar System Scope, The Planets Today - Geocentric View, and the WSA-ENLIL SOLAR WIND PREDICTION websites and analysis tools...

Lunar Geometries
Venus at Lunar W. Elong
Jupiter at Lunar 120 Degrees

Combinational Geometries
- Jupiter and Uranus at Geocentric Opposition
- Earth passing through Saturn's Connected Path to the Sun

Rotating Solar Magnetic Field
- Earth/Moon in Positive to Neutral
- Mars to Neutral to Positive
- Mercury Negative

NASA JPL Horizon's Data


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