M 6.0 - 32 km WNW of Lampa, Peru

2020-05-31 05:09:35 (UTC)
Magnitude:  6.0m
Location:  15.275°S 70.663°W
Depth:  153.4 km

Driver Determination

Lunar Magnetic Resonance
Epicenter Skyview = Neptune (Rise) and Moon (Set) at Lunar Opposition
Antipodal Skyview = Sun at 120 degrees from the Moon

Combinational Geometries
Venus at Solar Conjunction
Mars at Neptune Conjunction

Magnitude Intensity Calculation
= Sun and Neptune
(6.0+ Event by Mass)
1 Sun and 1 Jovian Gas Giant

Magnetic Fields
Sun: Earth facing = Neutral (HIGH)
Mars: Neutral (LOW)
Venus: Neutral (LOW)

Lunar Resonant Geometries - 05/31/2020

By:  Gordon Rutherford