Year-ending ALL REPORTS

 Over the holidays next week, I will be closing the data on 2020, and importing all the new data for 2021.  This way we can begin fresh, and so we can continue the monitoring into next year.  

- New calendars will be available, after the 1st of the year.  

- these will be made on demand. (No longer wasting my time and materials, to make all these and then no one wants to buy them.)


In January, I will begin building the Regional Seismograph Analysis Tool. 

- starting with one seismograph, and building from there. (Final Product will encompass the entire globe, with respect to the Magnetic Distribution of Earths Magnetic 3 base polarities)

- estimated time to complete project 6 months to 1 year.  

(Work to be written in PHP, possibly Perl)


  1. Start with one seismograph site, fine tune, and complete single site development.
    - then begin porting over nearby sites, and other sites of interest (VOLCANOES) until we load enough to substantially monitor the COMPLETE GLOBE....

  2. I will be eventually importing all seismograph data into the MAGNETIC REPROTS, and changing the labels to be related to Seismographs. SO GET USED TO CURRENT FORMATS. (ASK QUESTIONS IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSAND - as you are probably not alone, and many others have the same questions)

  3. Each siesmograms data is about 146Mb in size. To work this into excel, and to have this completely automated, and ran in a realistic timeframe, BIGGER TOOLS NECESSARY.

  4. Estimating that I will be using two seismograms for each of the current regions, 7(positive), 3 (neutral), and 7(negative) = BASE REPORT = 34 Seismograms @ 4.964 Gb ///gonna have to watch my monthly download limits with my cable provider. GEESSH

    1. Will be interesting to watch my Intel i7 3rd Generation processor, handle this amount of data... Oh Boy, and I thought magnetometers were rough

    2. Currently, one day of reports = 186Mb. One Year = 9.672 Gb

    3. May have to consider looking into an Intel i9 8th or 9th generation processor(2017)

  5. One year of seismogram reports = 258.2 Gb, gonna have to start watching my Data Storage capabilities NOW! $100 for a 5 Tb drive

  6. 2015 to 2020 reports(so far, that I have completed) = 12 Gb


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