Problems delaying getting work started again!

Well my friends, it seems that after I created all the NESTED BLOGS needed for framework, to continue publishing all facebook groups and website data online JUST PUSHED ME OVER THE LIMIT (and I wont be able to post NEW CONTENT.)

The blogger site I use for the current site has apparently shown its limits, to the number of posts and pages, across all blogs, for what I need to accomplish this TOTAL MIGRATION to new platform, and it has blown a gasket, currently throwing up error messages.

IN SEARCH of another blogger site, to build all the ARCHIVED YEARLY DATA.  ///USGS,EMSC, and LUNAR CYCLE ARCHIVE DATA


Possible delays extending a little past Jan 20th, scheduled date, for coming back online.

(Going to investigate bringing back my FIRST WEBSITE, to use as extended link capability for the groups Archive data webpage.)


  1. the old site --> https://thesurger.wixsite.com/milankovitch/earthquake-analysis

    1. Perhaps for data reasons, I should leave this alone, and just create another one?

    2. at least nothing that couldn't be replaced again if necessary

  2. Appears to have data from july to Oct of 2016

  3. I could rebuild and repurpose this site...
    +++ With a little work


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