INTERMAGNET Data By Region 12/27/2020

 By: Gordon Rutherford

Cellphone Users and some Tablets, to see the videos posted on this page, you have to choose "Desktop Site" in your browser settings, otherwise even the Image Previews of videos WILL NOT BE DISPLAYED.  NOTE:  the data shared here are screenshots of data analytical tools developed, by me, that MUST BE VIEWED as "Desktop Site" or you will not be able to zoom in and see the data.

EMSC versus INTERMagnet Data

- ALL times are specific as LONGITUDINAL TIMEZONES

Please keep in mind, these reports are still in the DESIGN PHASE of development.  The analysis must be FINE TUNED, and only has just been built over the last 12 months, SO the reports and Regions are still evolving. 

(Some Magnetometer Stations do not perform the same as other known good one and not to mention as well as demonstrate only intermittent reliability.)

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