Collected Works

To view the Collected Works on this webpage requires users to use a DESKTOP, TABLET, LAPTOP, or SMART TV. -- Zooming in will be necessary, to see the precision of the reports generated. 

(I cannot guarantee, that using a cellphone will allow you to view these works completely or accurately.)

The display format on a Cellphone is AUTO-GENERATED by Google, and I DO NOT CONTROL what they display for users, on this webpage, for cellphone usage.

Thank you kindly for ALL YOUR SUPPORT.

- Should be back online after Jan 20th, 2021, with ALL REPORTS year-ended, and READY TO GO


Gordon Rutherford, M.S.


  1. I will be working on the Seismogram Analysis tool, during this down period, as well as the necessary maintenance to apps, so that Jan 20th, 2021 kick off date, will be able to continue, where posting left off, with the SAME CAPABILITIES....

  2. Happy Holidays, please stay safe EVERYONE, during these though and difficult times.


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