Celestial Geometries - 03/13/2017

by:  Gordon Rutherford

Lunar Geometries
Mercury at Lunar Opposition
Venus at Lunar Opposition
Uranus at Lunar Opposition
Neptune at Lunar 150 Degrees

Combinational Geometries
- Mercury, Sun, Neptune, and Venus at Geocentric Conjunction
- Jupiter at Geocentric Opposition to Mars and Uranus at Conjunction

Solar Magnetic Field
- Earth and Moon in the Negative Magnetic Field


Kileaua Volcano Seismograph Analysis - 03/09/2017

By:  Gordon Rutherford
Earthquake #1
UTC Time = 08:32am

Saturn (RISE) at 120 degrees from the Moon (MEDIAN)

Earthquake #2
UTC Time = 08:32am

(Balanced across the Skyview)
Saturn at 120 degrees from the Moon

- For the Tropic of Cancer

M 5.9 - West of Macquarie Island

By:   Gordon Rutherford

M 5.9 - West of Macquarie Island

UTC Time = 2017-03-09 11:14:26
Magnitude = 5.9m
Location = 60.146°S   150.296°E 
Depth = 10.0 km 

Saturn at 120 degrees from the Moon


M 2.6 - 52km WNW of West Yellowstone, Montana

by:  Gordon Rutherford

M 2.6 - 52km WNW of West Yellowstone, Montana

UTC Time = 2017-03-08 15:41:47
Magnitude = 2.6m
Location = 44.754°N   111.749°W 
Depth = 11.3 km 

Saturn at 150 degrees from the Moon


Solar Report - 03/07/2017

by:  Gordon Rutherford

:Product: Forecast Discussion
:Issued: 2017 Mar 07 1230 UTC
# Prepared by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, NOAA, Space Weather Prediction Center
Solar Activity (24 hr Summary)
Solar activity was at very low levels. There were no spotted regions on the visible disk. No Earth-directed CMEs were observed in coronagraph imagery.

Solar activity is expected to be at very low levels during the forecast period (07-09 Mar).

Energetic Particles (24 hr Summary)
The greater than 2 MeV electron flux reached high levels with a peak flux of 29,900 pfu observed at 06/1620 UTC. The greater than 10 MeV proton flux remained at background levels throughout the period.

-->  Past the Solar Sector Boundary Crossing 3 days ago
The greater than 2 MeV electron flux is expected to reach high levels all three days of the forecast period (07-09 Mar) due to CH HSS effects. The greater than 10 MeV proton flux is expected to persist at background levels.

Solar Wind (24 hr Summary)
The solar wind environment remained enhanced due to a negative polarity, polar-connected CH HSS. Solar wind speed fluctuated between 575 km/s and 625 km/s for the period. Total field strength was steady around 5 nT, while the Bz component varied between +/- 5 nT. The phi angle was negative.

The solar wind environment is expected to remain enhanced on day one (07 Mar) under persistent CH HSS influence. Days two and three (08-09 Mar) should see a gradual return to near background conditions.

Geospace (24 hr Summary)
The geomagnetic field was at mostly unsettled to active levels, with an isolated G1 (minor) storming period (1800-21000 UTC), due to continued CH HSS effects.

Geomagnetic field conditions are expected to be at unsettled to active levels on day one (07 Mar), with occasional quiet periods, due to the enhanced solar wind environment. Day two (08 Mar) is expected to be at mostly quiet to unsettled levels. Conditions are expected to return to mostly quiet levels by day three (09 Mar) as CH HSS effects weaken.


Celestial Geometries - 03/03/2017

by:  Gordon Rutherford

Lunar Geometries
Moon at Perigee (Closest to Earth)
Jupiter at Lunar 150 Degrees
Saturn at Lunar 150 Degrees

Combinational Geometries
- Jupiter and Uranus at Geocentric Opposition
- Uranus and Mars at Geocentric Conjunction

Solar Magnetic Field
- Earth and Moon in the Positive Solar Magnetic Field

Listed at UTC Times
(Avg. Global times)
Rise - 21:13
Median  - 03:02
Set  -  08:46

Rise - 02:12
Median - 07:23
Set - 12:34


Celestial Geometries - 03/01/2017

by:  Gordon Rutherford

Lunar Geometries
Venus at Lunar Conj
Mars at Lunar Conj
Jupiter at Lunar Opposition
Saturn at Lunar 120 Degrees
Uranus at Lunar Conj

Combinational Geometries
1) - Jupiter and Uranus at Geocentric Opposition
2) - Sun, Neptune, and Mercury at Geocentric Conjunction
2) - Mars and Jupiter at Geocentric Opposition
1) - Mars and Uranus at Geocentric Conjunction

Solar Magnetic Field
- Earth/Moon in the Increasingly Positive
- Mercury (Dia-Magnetic) in the Neutral
- Mars Neutral approaching Negative

Lunar Report - 03/01/2017

by:  Gordon Rutherford

Date and time:
1 March 2017 - 07:22MST
Moon distance to earth:
228,890 miles
Age moon:
3.2 days
Moon phase:
Size of moon increases
Percentage visible:

  • Moon phase for 1 March 2017 Wednesday 12:00 UTC
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • The Moon today is in a Waxing Crescent Phase. A Waxing Crescent is the first Phase after the New Moon and is a great time to see the features of the moon's surface. During this phase the Moon can be seen in the wester sky after the sun dips below the horizon at sunset. The moon is close to the sun in the sky and mostly dark except for the right edge of the moon which becomes brighter as the days get closer to the next phase which is a First Quarter with a 50% illumination.

Moon before perigee
10 days after point of apogee on 18 February 2017 at 21:14 in ♏ Scorpio. The lunar orbit is getting closer, while the Moon is moving inward the Earth. It will keep this direction for the next day, until it get to the point of next perigee on 3 March 2017 at 07:24 in ♉ Taurus.

Moon before northern standstill
7 days after previous South standstill on 21 February 2017 at 20:50 in ♑ Capricorn, when Moon has reached southern declination of ∠-18.848°. Next 5 days the lunar orbit moves northward to face North declination of ∠18.861° in the next northern standstill on 7 March 2017 at 00:43 in ♋ Cancer.

Upcoming main Moon phases
First Quarter  -  3 days on 5 March 2017 at 11:32
Full Moon -  11 days on 12 March 2017 at 14:54
Last Quarter  -  19 days on 20 March 2017 at 15:58
New Moon -  26 days on 28 March 2017 at 02:57

Moderate tide
There is medium ocean tide today. Sun and Moon gravitational forces are not aligned, but meet at very acute angle, so their combined tidal force is moderate.

TIDES (Tropic of Cancer)
  • Low 04:37am
  • (-0.43m)
  • High 10:43am
  • Low 04:59pm
  • High 11:12pm