by: Gordon Rutherford


Okay, didn't realize that Ben Davidson was unaware that we have ACTUALLY just entered the Grand Solar Minimum, and since 2009. Thought the last few years worth of waning solar activity, was sure to give it away. So Let Me Break This Down.

Our Grand Solar Minimums start with a Grouping of Neptune, Uranus, and Jupiter, Heliocentrically Opposed by Saturn. - This throws the normal magnetic circulation of the Solar Convection currents OFF MAGNETIC BALANCE, and brings the surface activity to a halt/ or peace, depending on how you want to look at it.

This occurs every 179 years, and depending on the Magnetic Axial Tilt of Saturn, will determine at what level of intensity and effect, the Grand Solar Minimum will have.

Saturns orbit, around the Sun is 29.457 years (FYI: if anyone is paying attention, this is half of the 60 year Climate Cycle that everyone talks about, from time to time)...

Mathematically, 5 of Jupiters orbits (11.8 yrs) = 60 years

--> You should start to see what is controlling Earth's Climate down here.

Saturns Axial Tilt, is Gravitationally and Magnetically effected by Jupiter, and interestingly enough, Saturns Axial Tilt (26 degrees) is almost the exact same as Earth's axial tilt (23 degrees). And visually observing the Axial tilt, using the Saturns rings, is a good way to determine the planets actual Magnetic Tilt.

Here you can see the differences between the Axial Tilts and the Magnetic Tilts

So yes, we have entered the Grand Solar Minimum, and this will continue till our Jovian Neighbors magntically re-balance each other out, from 2009 - 2054

Last Grand Solar Minimums
Spoorer = 1472
Maunder = 1651
Dalton = 1830/31
Current = 2009
Next = 2188


  1. Anyone Notice 1970's dip in Sunspot numbers? This was our first geometry in 1970, and the next one occurred in 2010. There are two of these events each time, Uranus approaching Neptune and Uranus has passed Neptune. REMEMBER Uranus and Neptune move EXTREMELY slow, compared to Earth's 364 days to orbit around our star.

  2. It was also the time that the 70's publications about Ice Age and Grand Solar Minimum coming. If those who were alive during this period remember. There was a Magnetic issue that stopped the Influence, not quite sure about the reasons behind this, I AM JUST NOW COMING ON-BOARD with studying these magnetic relationships between our star and the Jovians.

  3. Thank you for taking an interest in my work. This was an old post, and my understanding about this has SIGNIFICANTLY CHANGED, since I wrote this article.


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